relax and have some fun.

“Iggy Pop was wrong. There is, in fact, fun.” – fun.

Well, I suppose it’s right to assume that Iggy Pop was wrong because there is fun. After the demise of The Format, Nate Reuss knew that he wanted to stay in music so he recruited Andrew Dost from Anathallo and Jack Antonoff from Steel Train and formed fun. The band has seemed to explode onto the scene with “All the Pretty Girls.” A song about love lost and trying to move on. They have toured with Manchester Orchestra, Taking Back Sunday, and Hellogoodbye. They ended their headlining tour in September of last year with Miniature Tigers as their opening band. The band has just started touring with Jack’s Mannequin and will tour with Paramore and Relient K in April of this year.

With the release of their album, ‘Aim and Ignite,’ in 2009 the band has become one of the most inspiring bands I have listened to in a while. Each song on the album is unique. In some moments while listening to the album I want to smile and dance despite the fact that the song is about heartbreak and loss. “Be Calm” is a song I can play and instantly be happy about everything. “The Gambler” is a sweet love song that is so sweet that it makes me a bit sick, but in a good way. The album has made me realize how much fun life really is and how some people can make things so much better by simply singing. I can’t wait to see what this band has in store for us in the future. If their first album is so amazing I can only dream about what they will think up for their follow up.

In the end, the one message I get from this band is to live until I die and to breath and relax, indeed I will. I recommend this band to anyone who needs inspiration or just something amazing to listen to. Go get yourself some fun. and LISTEN and LOVE.


Concert Review – Cold War Kids at The Wiltern – January 22, 2010

My love of the Cold War Kids started almost three years ago when I stumbled upon them while browsing around Myspace. With their release of Robbers & Cowards in 2006 and their follow up album Loyalty to Loyalty in 2008 it is no surprise that they have managed to make a name for themselves in today’s music scene. Just last month the band released their new EP, Behave Yourself. The new EP preceded the band’s four city tour in late January. Last Friday night the tour was kicked off at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. After arriving late my friends and I found the line winding around the corner. Hundreds of fans were lined up in the cold to see the Cold War Kids. After a short wait and the threat of more rain we were let into the warm venue. This was the first time I ever set foot in the Wiltern. This elegant venue is truly stunning. The high ceilings have intricate carvings and the walls are beautiful. This quickly became one of my favorite concert venues. There was a standing room only floor and balcony seating and I’m certain any seat in this theater is a good seat.

We anxiously waited for the opening artist to take the stage. When the lights went out Alec Ounsworth of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah opened the show. I enjoy hearing new music and I am especially happy when a band I love gives me the opportunity to experience a new artist that I have never heard of. Alec was energetic and talented. After the show I made it a point to go out and look for more of his music. Alec Ounsworth recently released his solo debut album Mo Beauty and has announced his first headlining tour beginning in February.

After the techs finished setting up for the main act, Nathan Willett, Jonnie Russell, Matt Maust, and Matt Aveiro took the stage. After technical difficulties with Nathan’s guitar the band opened the show with “I’ve Seen Enough,” and everyone started singing along instantly. If you’ve seen the band live you know the antics they do while on stage. Nathan Willett and Matt Maust casually walk over to each other and give the other little kicks, hits, or pushes as they play. The playful back and forth sets this act apart from any others I have seen. The songs they played had everyone dancing and singing along. Their single “Hang Me Up To Dry” especially amped up the crowd. Before playing “Santa Ana Winds” from their new EP, Nathan took time to talk about Los Angeles and the band’s roots, coming from Long Beach, California and making their way to Los Angeles. After playing “Something Is Not Right With Me” the band left the stage for a break and the crowd kept screaming for the band to come back on for an encore. Before ending the show with “We Used to Vacation” Nathan brought up the earthquake in Haiti and he reminded us that we should do what we can to help the people who have lost everything. The crowd sang along until the very last song that the band belted out. The hour and a half show left everyone, including me, happy. If you have not seen this band live I suggest that you find a way to do so, their sets are always full of energy and they always have fun up there and they make sure their audience has fun too.


I’ve Seen Enough
Hair Down
Red Wine, Success!
Welcome to the Occupation
Coffee Spoon
Dreams Old Men Dream
Hang Me Up To Dry
Hospital Beds
Long As I Can See the Light (Creedence Clearwater Revival Cover)
Saint John
Something Is Not Right With Me

Mexican Dogs
Tell Me In The Morning
We Used To Vacation

knock you up

greatest song of 2009?


i just…

don’t care as much as i used to.

did i win?

i’m currently trying to win tickets in the pit of both nights of kroq’s almost acoustic christmas. i don’t think it’ll happen. :[ hopefully it happens but if it doesn’t i don’t think i’m even completely down to go. but still. it’s all worth a try.

it was raining today. i walked down to Ackermann to pick up my paycheck, without an umbrella. i love the feeling of rain falling on my face. i don’t like when the rain gets on my glasses though because then i can’t see a damn thing. i love watching the droplets of rain fall on the ground. rain is just soothing to me. i used to hate rainy days in Pasadena. i think it was because my dad would stay home whenever it rained. and it’s well known that i hate my father. i just didn’t like him being around. and i love rainy days so when he would stay home he would just ruin it all for me. dear rainy days, i love you and i’ve missed you. don’t leave so fast this time yeah? sincerely laura.

later days.

“My Friend Marcus…

he sleeps in my basement his father touched more than spirit now he can hardly sleep. sleep. i don’t give a good shit if you’re lonesome i think that you should go home son find a father and  your meaning and i can see you mean everything to nothing i believe you mean everything and i can see you mean everything to nothing and i believe you mean everything My Friend Marcus he works on a train set and i still can’t move on my broke track he’s helping me find my meaning and i can see you mean everything to nothing and i believe you mean everything. it’s funny how many don’t know how many of us don’t have homes

ok… i’m done.

i literally almost cried…

it’s 1:52 am. yesterday i went to see the airborne toxic event perform at the disney concert hall. the seats we had were behind the band so we pretty much got to stare at Mikel’s back throughout the show but it was the best thing ever. the show started with Wishing Well and Mikel was singing behind us and he eventually moved down to the actual stage. they played Missy. ❤ ❤ ❤ ok. it think that’s all i have to say. it was epic. i’m in love. i almost died and cried when i heard Mikel sing. great night.

bwahaha i got a skinny tie. FUCK YES HIPSTER BITCH TO THE MAX. [i kinda hate myself for this.]

[who wants to teach me how to tie a tie. :]

let’s talk about sluts…

no i’m not talking about females. but you probably thought i was. i’m talking about the guys here. the ones that think it’s alright to go from one girl to the next. society has created an image about these men. they’re ‘players’ they’re looked up to and admired by other men because they can sleep with any and every woman they want. women, sadly, play along with this. while women who sleep with multiple men are looked at with evil eyes men are patted on the back. what the fuck!? there’s something wrong with that picture don’t you think. so what if  a girl wants to have sex with multiple men? that doesn’t make her a slut does it? according to society it does. so. there’s this guy. who, because he’s a douche, has moved from my friend to another friend to someone else. if that’s not a slut then i don’t think i know what a slut is.


1. a dirty, slovenly woman.
2. an immoral or dissolute woman; prostitute.
well there it is. woman. sucks for us.