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I’m back with another concert review. After going to Hoodwink on Friday I went to the first day of Bamboozle Left. Bamboozle has been going on for a few years and a lot of bands perform at both days of this weekend long event. The Bamboozle started in New Jersey and the Bamboozle Left was created for the West Coast. In the past headliners have included Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, Brand New, and Dashboard Confessional.

Enough background though, on March 27, 2010 I arrived at about 2pm. The first band I saw was Chiodos. If you’re a fan of Chiodos then you know that Craig Owens, the lead singer, is no longer in the band. I wasn’t sure if the new lead singer would do the songs justice. To my surprise Brandon Bolmer did very well. They played some new material which the crowd seemed to enjoy and they played some old Chiodos hits. They played “Baby You Wouldn’t Last a Minute on the Creek” and “A Letter From Janelle” Overall I think the band did really well and the crowd seemed to like what they were doing. More than anything I was a Craig Owens fan but I’m very interested in what Chiodos is coming out with in the future.

After Chiodos, The Bouncing Souls started their set. Before seeing them live I hardly knew anything about this band. I’ve read the name in a few places but I never actually listened to the music. The best way I can explain how they sound is something like Reel Big Fish but without trumpets and all of those brass instruments. The lead singer was jumping around and to me he seemed like such a normal guy that could have easily just been one of my high school’s biology teachers. The crowd was singing along and jumping around along with him. After seeing them live I will probably look up their music because they played a great show.

After The Bouncing Souls finished I was really excited because Circa Survive was playing next. I saw them at Hoodwink and I’ve seen Anthony Green play his solo shows but I had never seen Circa Survive play their own music. I was excited because Anthony Green has such a great presence on stage. He jumps around stage and dances while he manages to keep singing. Circa started playing and the crowd got rowdy really fast. Despite being stuck in the huge crowd with sweaty people all around me, it was a great show. They played their newest single “Get Out”, “Stop the F***ing Car”, “In Fear and Faith” and they played a cover of Nirvana’s “Scentless Apprentice” among other songs. Anthony Green really knows how to command a crowd and his voice is just heavenly. If you’ve never seen Circa Survive live you should! They’re playing with Coheed and Cambria on their recent tour.

Up next was another band I was dying to see. After seeing them the night before playing Misfits songs I was excited to hear them play their own music. I’ve seen this band live five times and each time I’ve been blown away. This show was no exception. Max Bemis has such great energy on stage as do all the members of the band. The crowd was really into what they were playing and we all sang along with Max. Say Anything never disappoints when they play a show. They played “Mara and Me”, “I Hate Everyone”, “Woe”, and other songs. To end their set they played “Alive With the Glory of Love” which is always a crowd favorite. We all went crazy and sang along with Max. You can catch Say Anything on tour where they’ll be opening for Angels and Airwaves. They’re playing at the Hollywood Palladium on May 29th so be sure to get your tickets for that.

After Say Anything, Angels and Airwaves took the stage. I’ve never been a big fan of Angels and Airwaves but I did like their first album. The crowd was really excited to see them. People began to push towards the front of the crowd but I was fine with it because it wasn’t as bad as it was during Circa Survive’s set. They played a few songs from their first album and some songs from their newest one. The set included “Everything’s Magic”, “The Adventure”, “It Hurts”, and “Hallucinations.” As I said before, you can go see them at the Hollywood Palladium on May 29th.

The main act for day one of Bamboozle Left was AFI. After years of waiting to be able to see AFI live I was finally able to. After that show Davey Havok quickly became one of my favorite lead singers. His energy is simply amazing and his hair is epic. They played “Silver and Cold” “Miss Murder” “Medicate” “The Missing Frame” “The Leaving Song Part 2” “Kill Caustic” “Girls Not Grey” and many other songs. Everyone wanted a chance to see Davey, Jade, Hunter, and Adam. AFI managed to make that day even more amazing than it already was.

In the end, despite not having a lot of bands on the bill, Bamboozle Left Day 1 was great. There were plenty of great bands playing and I can’t wait until next year when they’ll hopefully have bands just as amazing as these. After being pushed around in the crowd of hundreds of people I was very sore but it was all worth it.