Here is one of those album reviews I was talking about it was last edited on 04/16/2010 at 02:38. Who am I to change what 19-year-old-Laura wrote?

It’s been three years since Circa Survive has released an album. Maybe it was because the lead singer, Anthony Green, went off to do his own thing for a while. He released his solo album, Avalon, in 2008. The band was working hard on their third major release. Blue Sky Noise comes out on April 20, 2010. I, being the big Circa Survive fan that I am, pre-ordered the album and was lucky enough to be able to digitally download it a week before it’s official release. Let me tell you, this album is amazing.

Anthony Green’s voice is just heavenly. He often jokes about the fact that he sounds like a girl but I think that his soft voice just helps us feel what he’s trying to make us feel with his lyrics. After listening to the album non stop for the past I have discovered some of my favorite tracks. The opening song, ‘Strange Terrain’ starts off soft but gets progressively heavier. The lyrics are simply amazing. “Where have all the signs gone? In our lives. I don’t know where I am without them” The main thing I focus on when listening to a new album is the lyrics but I’m sure some of you may just focus on the beat or the mood of the song. The next song that I instantly fell in love with is ‘I Felt Free’ the lyrics of this song are just amazing. It’s a pretty slow song but it has it’s moments. The whole album is written so well and performed so well that I can’t seem to find a flaw.

I will say that this is different than what Circa Survive has released before. After listening to Juturna and On Letting Go you can tell that the band has been experimenting with different sounds. Despite being different, I think that Circa Survive fans will like the new album.