“Iggy Pop was wrong. There is, in fact, fun.” – fun.

Well, I suppose it’s right to assume that Iggy Pop was wrong because there is fun. After the demise of The Format, Nate Reuss knew that he wanted to stay in music so he recruited Andrew Dost from Anathallo and Jack Antonoff from Steel Train and formed fun. The band has seemed to explode onto the scene with “All the Pretty Girls.” A song about love lost and trying to move on. They have toured with Manchester Orchestra, Taking Back Sunday, and Hellogoodbye. They ended their headlining tour in September of last year with Miniature Tigers as their opening band. The band has just started touring with Jack’s Mannequin and will tour with Paramore and Relient K in April of this year.

With the release of their album, ‘Aim and Ignite,’ in 2009 the band has become one of the most inspiring bands I have listened to in a while. Each song on the album is unique. In some moments while listening to the album I want to smile and dance despite the fact that the song is about heartbreak and loss. “Be Calm” is a song I can play and instantly be happy about everything. “The Gambler” is a sweet love song that is so sweet that it makes me a bit sick, but in a good way. The album has made me realize how much fun life really is and how some people can make things so much better by simply singing. I can’t wait to see what this band has in store for us in the future. If their first album is so amazing I can only dream about what they will think up for their follow up.

In the end, the one message I get from this band is to live until I die and to breath and relax, indeed I will. I recommend this band to anyone who needs inspiration or just something amazing to listen to. Go get yourself some fun. and LISTEN and LOVE.