don’t care as much as i used to.

did i win?

i’m currently trying to win tickets in the pit of both nights of kroq’s almost acoustic christmas. i don’t think it’ll happen. :[ hopefully it happens but if it doesn’t i don’t think i’m even completely down to go. but still. it’s all worth a try.

it was raining today. i walked down to Ackermann to pick up my paycheck, without an umbrella. i love the feeling of rain falling on my face. i don’t like when the rain gets on my glasses though because then i can’t see a damn thing. i love watching the droplets of rain fall on the ground. rain is just soothing to me. i used to hate rainy days in Pasadena. i think it was because my dad would stay home whenever it rained. and it’s well known that i hate my father. i just didn’t like him being around. and i love rainy days so when he would stay home he would just ruin it all for me. dear rainy days, i love you and i’ve missed you. don’t leave so fast this time yeah? sincerely laura.

later days.