it’s that time of year again…lists of the year’s top albums and movies and other crap are coming out and i wanted to make a list myself just for fun. :] now, i don’t keep track of when albums are released…so this might not be a good list but i’ll try my best. [i’m a very forgetful person]

1. Say Anything – Say Anything

Say Anything

my love for Say Anything started shortly after listening to ‘Alive With the Glory of Love’ I immediately went to my local target to buy ‘…Is A Real Boy’ and i was hooked by the time i started listening to ‘Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too’ I managed to get all of their previous records to ‘…Is A Real Boy’ and when they came out with this album this year i was hooked. ‘Death for My Birthday’ just latched on to me and i fell in love. ‘ Do Better’ makes me want to dance but it still has a message. Max Bemis somehow manages to make everything sad become bearable. ‘Mara and Me’ reminds me of the old Say Anything. the Say Anything that fucks shit up and goes fucking crazy and incorporates 4 songs into 1. i’ve seen them live three times and i hope i can add more to that number because they are completely amazing and talented. great record.

2. Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster

The Fame Monster

ok, so i’m not the type of person that typically listens to Lady Gaga. i must admit i’m more into the indie and rock side of music but Lady Gaga can draw anybody in. i went to SF recently and my friend was listening to Lady Gaga and i really got into it. Her lyrics can be a bit weird but her songs make me want to dance and just be happy. ‘So Happy I Could Die’ has to be my favorite song from her new album. She’s epic and i wouldn’t be surprised if she took over the world…[if only]

3. Two Tongues – Two Tongues

Two Tongues

of course since i love Say Anything i had to fall in love with Two Tongues. this awesome duo of pop/punk Gods is just amazing. each song either makes me want to cry or just do a little dance. Chris Conley + Max Bemis = the greatest thing ever. because of this band i started listening to Saves the Day. and i fell in love. the different voices singing each song is just amazing. they work so well together and they manage to bring out different emotions in a song and you can just close your eyes and drift…’don’t you want to come home’ and ‘wowee zowee’ are two of my favorite tracks on this record. i love love love this. never mind, i can’t pick favorites. they’re all amazing.

4. Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band – Outer South

Outer South

i’m a HUGE fan of Conor Oberst and everything that he does. he’s my God. no lie. anyways, Outer South is just amazingly done. i love that others sang and it wasn’t just Conor. the album is pretty folk-y and it makes you want to dance but not in a creepy club kind of way. these songs are just happy and some not so much but you can feel the emotions and just drift off while listening to this band. the different version of ‘Eagle on a Pole’ is just love. it’s not Conor singing and the lyrics aren’t exactly the same but the song is just as powerful.

5. Monsters of Folk – Monsters of Folk

Monsters of Folk

here we are again with Conor Oberst. only this time we have M. Ward, Mike Mogis, and Jim James too. this amazingly talented group released this album and i almost died. they truly are monsters of folk. they are the epitome of amazing-ness. i know it’s not a word but i can’t figure out how else to describe these four men. i don’t think i’d be able to breathe if i was ever in the same room as them. ‘Dear God (sincerely M.O.F.) is my favorite track on the album. even though i don’t believe in God i love the song and the way the members took turns singing. the album is just magical.

6. Brand New – Daisy


in my opinion, anything that Jesse Lacey does is Gold. he can write about the most depressing thing in the world and make it sound so lovely with his voice and a guitar. i wasn’t a huge fan of Brand New before this but this album opened my eyes. i know that the earlier brand new stuff is a bit ‘better’ but you can’t deny the fact that they made an amazing record this time around. ‘At the Bottom’ makes me die a little each time i listen to it but i still listen to it because despite being sad it’s beautiful. i could die to this record.

7. The Lonely Island – Incredibad


Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and the other one [:D] are just amazingly hilarious. i’m glad that they came out with their own cd this year. :]

8. Manchester Orchestra – Mean Everything to Nothing

Mean Everything to Nothing

i fell in love with Manchester Orchestra recently. it was probably right before i went to see them perform with brand new on their latest tour. when you see this band you don’t think that they’ll belt out these sweet songs and i was blown away. they are simply amazing live and just in general. i’m glad i didn’t die before finding out about this band. js.

9. Kings of Leon – Only By the Night

Only by the Night

ok ok. i know what some people might say…this was released in 2008 BUT it didn’t get recognized until 2009 so there. and i must admit that this isn’t the best that Kings of Leon can do or have done but it’s still pretty epic. :]