no i’m not talking about females. but you probably thought i was. i’m talking about the guys here. the ones that think it’s alright to go from one girl to the next. society has created an image about these men. they’re ‘players’ they’re looked up to and admired by other men because they can sleep with any and every woman they want. women, sadly, play along with this. while women who sleep with multiple men are looked at with evil eyes men are patted on the back. what the fuck!? there’s something wrong with that picture don’t you think. so what if  a girl wants to have sex with multiple men? that doesn’t make her a slut does it? according to society it does. so. there’s this guy. who, because he’s a douche, has moved from my friend to another friend to someone else. if that’s not a slut then i don’t think i know what a slut is.


1. a dirty, slovenly woman.
2. an immoral or dissolute woman; prostitute.
well there it is. woman. sucks for us.