ok. technically it isn’t really christmas yet BUT it sure as hell feels like it. I’m not a huge fan of this holiday. [maybe it has something to do with the fact that i don’t believe in good ol’ Jesus or maybe it’s because the meaning of this holiday has been so warped that it’s disgusting even to me] in the end you can’t change the fact that it’s almost christmas. Schools are giving us breaks and work is too. That is pretty much the only thing that makes me happy about this holiday not to mention the presents i still get despite my disbelief in santa claus or the baby jesus. i must say, i do love the things that some people do on christmas. being creative during christmas is something i honestly love. i have yet to decide whether or not to get presents for my roommates…i might but i don’t really get along with one of them so i might not. i’ll decide eventually. :] as for my relatives…i’m kind of broke. so they might have to settle for homemade ornaments that are lame. i don’t like this holiday but i celebrate it to make my mother feel good. [she doesn’t know i don’t believe in the big guy upstairs shhhh…] so yeah. happy holidays to all my fellow atheists!!! we don’t have to worry about praising a god but we can benefit from the awesome sales and gifts that we get. :] who cares if we don’t believe! we can pretend to believe in santa claus if that makes anyone feel any better. :] later days