“in a crowded depot in downtown LA.

she looked around as if to say ‘i’m home'”

“i don’t mind if i catch the stink of these drones, just as long as i’m never alone.”

it’s been a non-busy couple of days in my life. I’ve been sitting/lying around watching Dexter. it’s a superb show. I’ve gotten really excited about the prospect of living outside of these walls and being able to enjoy life more than now. it seems that i’ve already planned on traveling and going to more shows. so far i’m gonna go see The Airborne Toxic Event in December and Ludo in November. ❤ i’m officially in love with T.A.T.E. ‘Missy’ is probably my favorite song. it almost seems like it’s about me even though it isn’t.


“i swear there’s still some good in me…i stay awake almost every night staring at the ceiling wondering why i feel so bad.”