i just came back from the dentist. oh my. you don’t understand how much i HATE the dentist. i just recently started going to the dentist. I had a horrible tooth ache so a week ago i told my mom to take me to the dentist. it turns out that i have [had] 14 cavities. it’s a world record! or a family record. Anyways, i hate  the shot they give you to numb your mouth. it’s so awfully dreadful. today is the second day i went to the dentist. since i have so many damn cavities they had to split up the work into three days. Today was especially dreadful… i actually felt the drilling that was happening in my mouth! agh! the agony. i had to get an extra shot to better numb my mouth but alas that did not work because i still felt everything. i decided to man up and just let them finish without telling them that it felt like they were drilling a hole in my head… i even prayed! oh gosh. i don’t believe in god but i prayed to him to make the pain go away. of course that didn’t work. so i held in there and apparently i have another cavitiy that may need a root canal. oh wow. just the words root canal scare me… this is not a good day. I hate the dentist. =/ so now my mouth is numb, everytime i drink water it finds a way to slip out of my mouth and i can’t chew on my right side for a day.

Lesson of the day : FLOSS! and don’t wait two years to get a check up at your local dentist. =/

Family Record: 14 15 Cavities in Two Years.