it’s march! oh gosh, the past few months have gone by fast. i’m almost out of High School! =D yay! so i haven’t really found much to talk about except for prom and senior year. i’m in the class of ’09 club and we’re working extremely hard on making an epic prom. i volunteered to be part of the decorations committee but we have plenty of things to do. Our theme, “here’s to the night”, does not match with our color scheme. i mean really. who honestly thought that white, silver, and a LIGHT BLUE color would be ideal for “Here’s to the NIGHT” maybe a darker blue would’ve worked. People want to change the theme. but in my opinion what’s done is done and they’ll just have to suck it up for picking a theme that wasn’t going to work in the first place. So. if anyone out there has any epic ideas for a prom theme or maybe you can talk about your prom or your upcoming prom. and don’t worry i won’t steal ideas i’m just curious. and besides i don’t have the authority to change our prom theme to something that i find here. =]