Valentine’s day has never been on my favorite holidays list. It’s not because i’m single and bitter but because I think it’s just another excuse for people to waste their money on useless items with heart shaped cutouts. I doubt that if I wasn’t single I’d think differently. If you love me I don’t need a dozen roses and a heart shaped box of candies to prove it. People spend hundreds of dollars on useless items and I can’t seem to comprehend why. If you love me don’t prove it through something that hundreds of other people will be receiving on the same day. I want something unique. Something that proves that you know me as much as I hope you do. Something that isn’t a complete waste and I must add that I would not accept anything over 100 dollars. Call me old fashioned but I think that money and presents is needed to keep a relationship going. So, for those of you who are single this Valentine’s day just be glad that you don’t have to spend so much money on someone. You should maybe use that money for yourself. =] And if you do decide to go “all out” for your significant other then I can’t control you. Enjoy this glorious day that corporations have created to take your money from you. I’ll gladly sit here and keep my money in my pocket. =]

Here’s an EPIC idea! Write a song for your significant other. I would just die if someone were to ever write me a song. that would probably be the sweetest thing any one can do. =]