In my photography class we have a new assignment. It’s a black and white project. We have to take a roll of film and take pictures of different things. We can choose anything from a list that we were given. the list includes everything from food to Victorian houses. I’ve decided to pick ten of these items. i will be taking two pictures of each and maybe some extra ones. the ten things i chose are shadows, musical instrument, reflection, working hands, art supplies, pet, blue collar worker, truck, friendship, and what’s important. The last one is really open to anything and i will probably take a picture of something extremely unimportant to everyone else but me. =] i will for sure be posting the final products of my photography on here. unfortunately since this will be in film and since i will have to develop the film and the photographs myself [hopefully i don’t ruin the film] i will have to scan the photographs. and i doubt you will get the full effect of the photographs if they’re scanned. but then again you can always notice crappy photography despite the scanning. this should be interesting. =]