I realized that we haven’t posted anything on here in a while. Which sucks cause it means that we’re running out of things to talk about. =/ So. I have come up with something very extremely interesting to discuss! CONCERTS! woohoo. so Warped Tour is coming in the summer and Bamboozle [Left] is coming soon in April. I am extremely excited for the Bamboozle Left. Mainly because NeverShoutNever! is playing and I realized that that’s the only reason I would want to go to the concert. Bamboozle Left is taking a hell of a long time to announce the bands that are playing. Last year everything was announced by now and they are just lagging it. But I guess it’s a bit more exciting but not really. Anyways..to Warped Tour. The line up has become a little crappy since before. What happened to Bad Religion and all of those amazing bands!? I love some of the bands playing but they need to bring back the actually rock. Not the pop crap. In the end I will probably end up going to at least one date of this year’s Warped Tour and I hopefully will go see NeverShoutNever! =]

# 15

# 15

Now, to other band tours. The Academy Is… and The Cab are playing a couple of shows together in Hot Topic stores around the country. BUT no California. Major disappointment. I have been dying to see The Academy Is… again and I wouldn’t mind seeing The Cab for a second time also. Oh well. I will eventually see them both again. =] Ludo is touring also and again, no California. I hate it when that happens. =/ I also hate when bands play on school nights. I don’t know about you guys but my parents are kind of jerks when it comes to letting me out on school nights, or any other night for that matter. So I will have to wait about 8 more months until I can go out on my own. On school nights and see some amazing bands. Otherwise I’ll just have to sneak out.
So it’s concert time kids! Go out there make some memories, meet some amazing people, and fall in love with a band(s). Don’t let the fact that it’s a school night stop you from having the greatest time of your life!

“]Hes Brilliant. =]

He's Brilliant. =