Johnny [my new best friend]

Johnny Cupcakes

So, I thought this trip would be just about going to Hollywood and hanging out. AND I thought we would have a different mode of transportation [paying 5 dollars to go from one place to another was NOT fun] BUT I must say that it was an interesting day. I met Johnny Cupcakes. Sure, I didn’t know who the kid was until about 1:30 this afternoon, but still. I can appreciate meeting a talented fellow who makes money by designing the coolest things. So. I took a picture with the kid, which will be up soon, and that was that. It took about 2-ish hours to get there and an hour to debate whether or not to walk into the restaurant he was having dinner in and ask for a picture. In the end. we got it. We made a weird stalker kid happy [Shelbie] and that’s it.