feels ignored? i mean, it seems like every one of my friends made plans to hang out and of course i wasn’t included. yes, i know, i’m complaining, but how else am i supposed to feel? i’m never invited to hang out with any of them and then they tell me about the great time they had hanging out together while i just sit there and ignore them. i can only spend so much time with my family! ugh. sometimes i hate them. it’s weird. i love them to death but they can be real jerks half of the time or most of the time. maybe it’s just me. that would make sense. they probably just don’t want to hang out with me. does anyone else feel like that? like your friends only at school but besides that they don’t give a fuck about what you feel/say/do. this is just another reason why i hate people. they’re fake and just plain rude. i can’t wait to get back to school and hear about all the fun my friends had without me. i also hate how they come up with the stupidest reasons for not hanging out. “my mom won’t let me go out” fuck that shit. my friend constantly tells me that but i know that she goes out with her guy friends all the time. well. that’s enough complaining. they can all go fuck themselves. =]