So, it’s winter break and I’ve been lying around my house doing nothing. I’ve had nothing to do for the longest time and my friends seem to be having fun without me. Then again it seems as though everyone BUT me is having fun. Anyways, back to the moral of this rant, I’ve been watching House M.D., staying up until 4 am watching indie films, and gorging away at chips and god knows what and all of these things make me remotely happy. I’ve seen about six amazing films. A Clockwork Orange, Penelope, Lars and the Real Girl, Charlie Bartlett, Saved!, and Trainspotting. I’ve decided to spread the word about all of these amazing films that just don’t seem to make it to the big screen. These films [and many many more] are simply amazing and underrated. I’d rather go watch the story of a heroin addict who is trying to quit than watch a love story between a human and a pansy vampire. Howsabout you wake up and notice that there’s more movies out there that are much better than anything else in the theaters. So, welcome to my blog. I will be posting more of these rants. For the few people who read this I hope you take my advice or whatever. Have a great day/afternoon/night/life/year/month/week. [take your pick]